May 10, 2016 Zero establishment fee on STM Group Qrops

New Zero establishment fee for STM QROPS

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a Zero establishment fee (effective immediately) for all new QROPS applications received before 31 October 2016.  The Zero fee is applicable across all of our stand-alone QROPS products, including Australian and US QROPS, and the QROPS SMART. We have also reduced the annual trustee fee for our stand-alone QROPS products.

The primary driver for the introduction of a Zero establishment fee is our commitment to offering a fully transparent, all-inclusive structure rather than a menu of costs which we believe can significantly increase published rates.

Our challenge was to establish a price point that allows our pricing structure to remain 100% transparent while still continuing to be one of the small number of QROPS providers that do not charge additional fees. This will ensure our traditional strengths of service, expertise, and unique products are complemented by a compelling price point that will help the group to deliver substantial new business and annuity income.

The concept has been carried through to the QROPS SMART to include all custody and dealing fees.

The bond fees within the SMART packaged solution have also been revised following positive feedback and uptake on our recently launched STM Life Portfolio Bond.

For more information please contact Business Development and Product Specialist, Anthony Lowes on 00350 200 42 686 or click here. 

Further information on our range of International Retirement Solutions (QROPS, QNUPS and EURBS).


New Zero establishment fee for STM QROPS




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