Through our charitable donations at STM GROUP PLC we help projects in our communities that require support.
STM Group PLC Annual Report 2013


At STM GROUP PLC we believe in supporting the community. Whether we’re walking or running for a cure, helping to bring Santa to the kids, or supporting our men and women in uniform, STM GROUP is always happy to lend a hand to make the world a better place for the people who need it most.



STM GROUP no longer accepts donation requests via mail, e-mail, fax or telephone. All donation requests must now be submitted online. The following guidelines must be met in order to be considered for support from STM GROUP PLC. Before making a donation request, please review the criteria listed below.

Submission Guidelines:
  • - All proposals must be submitted in writing
  • - Organisations must be registered, not-for-profit/charity organisations and have a registered charity number
  • - Organisations considered – education, culture, environment, physical disabilities, social programs, health/medical, local community or disaster relief
  • - Recipients of STM GROUP PLC charitable donations must provide written documentation of the donation or a tax receipt of the donation. These documents are forwarded to the STM GROUP accounting department for auditing purposes.
  • If your charitable organisation wishes to apply for a donation request, please fill out our:
    Online Application Form