Malta’s Best-in-Business Trust & Fiduciary Company

We are pleased to announce that STM Malta Pension Services Limited won two prestigious awards during Malta’s BIB Awards 2015, one as Malta’s Best-in-Business Trust & Fiduciary Company, and the other for Malta’s Best-in-Business Pension Provider.

The two awards won are:

1. Malta’s Best in Business Pensions Provider Award and
2. Malta’s Best in Business Trust and Fiduciary Company Award

which recognise excellence and outstanding achievement in STMM’s two main responsibilities:

1. Provision of pensions solutions and pensions administration services to members
2. Acting as trustees for the pensions schemes that we administer, where as trustees we owe fiduciary duties to all scheme members

Speaking after winning the awards Deborah Schembri, Managing Director said:

“I am honoured that STMM won these two acclaimed awards during Malta’s BIB Awards 2015. STMM primarily provides pensions solutions and pensions administration services to international clients. The company is registered as a Retirement Scheme Administrator with the Malta Financial Services Authority. It is also authorised to act as trustee or co-trustee to provide fiduciary services in terms of the Trusts and Trustees Act”


One is delighted with such outcome. This is the result of the hard work contributed by all employees and co-directors and the support by external stakeholders. I take the opportunity to thank them all. I dedicate this achievement to all employees.

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