March 4, 2015

The Malta Individual Investor Programme

Malta has introduced an “Individual Investor Programme” which allows for the grant of a certificate of naturalisation (citizenship) of Malta to reputable foreign individuals and their families who contribute to the national economic and social development fund and meet the requirements of the programme. Residents of Malta enjoy an enviable quality of life and […]


Residents of Malta enjoy an enviable quality of life and the island represents an excellent choice for high-net-worth  looking to relocate from outside the EU to take advantage of the benefits afforded to those granted full citizenship.

An application for the MIIP must be made to Identity Malta through the services of an ‘Accredited Person’. STM Malta Services Limited employ accredited persons and, as such, are authorised to represent and assist an individual and their dependants with their application. In addition, we can also help with advice on all matters relating to the obtaining of residency and citizenship under the MIIP rules and maximising its benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Introductions to local estate agents, banks, and lawyers
  • Review of income and assets for tax efficiency
  • Restructuring of wealth to take into account your new status
  • Creation and management of trusts, companies, pension schemes, and life bonds
The MIIP is regulated by Identity Malta Agency. The Programme is endorsed by the European Union Commission. Queries should be directed to STM, as your respective accredited person whom you have engaged to act on your behalf.
In order to apply for the MIIP, and acquire citizenship, each main applicant must first apply for, and be granted, a Maltese Resident Card. This card affords immediate visa-free travel access to 160 counties worldwide.



The process for Resident Card Application requires the acquisition of a residential address in Malta, via a lease agreement or title deed on a purchased property.

Each applicant will be required to become officially resident in Malta for a period of at least 365 days. This time period is inclusive of any overseas travel, should it be required by the applicant.



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