Increase of Fees for US Nationals wishing to renounce their American Citizenship

The number of Americans looking to give up their permanent residence is on the rise: however, in September 2014, the cost of this rose from $450 to $2,350. In addition to paying the new fee, people wishing to leave the United States behind will need to go in person, overseas before an American diplomatic officer can sign an oath of renunciation.
The State Department has stressed there is no going back – people must be committed to leave their citizenship behind.

  • The State Department once charged $450 for the service but now those wishing to say goodbye to America will need to pay a whopping $2,350
  • The rise in people wanting to abandon U.S. citizenship may have to do with Obama’s crackdown on those trying to hide money overseas
  • Those who want to renounce citizenship, even terrorists, much fill out a questionnaire
  • Senators like Republican Ted Cruz of Texas are trying to make a law saying Americans who identify with terrorists should lose citizenship


The record numbers of Americans who have renounced their U.S. citizenship since January 2009 did so at the bargain-basement cost of $450, a subsidized fee that the State Department plans to raise sharply this week as more and more people sever their ties with the United States.


Officials say the new pricetag of $2,350 will “capture the real, unsubsidized cost of providing this service” at a time when escalating demand has put new strain on consular resources. The government does not make public any reasons citizens may have given for renouncing U.S. citizenship, making it impossible to say for certain what has driven the sharp rise in demand. But the most likely cause appears to be the Obama-era crackdown on U.S. citizens hiding wealth overseas.

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 Source: Daily Mail



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