Zero establishment fee on STM Group Qrops

New Zero establishment fee for STM QROPS

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of a Zero establishment fee (effective immediately) for all new QROPS applications received before 31 October 2016. The Zero fee is applicable across all of our stand-alone QROPS products, including Australian and US QROPS, and the QROPS SMART.

UK Residential Property Tax Changes

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A number of Gibraltar residents own UK residential property. This may be a former home, a holiday home or purely an investment (popular, particularly at a time when interest rates are relatively low). It may be owned by a resident individual, company, trust or pension scheme. Sometimes several properties are owned using more than one […]

If you are dealing with your client’s QROPS transfer, be SMART

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A new year with new and exciting developments in the UK pension and QROPS markets envisaged for 2015. Whilst this has always been of paramount importance, the need to seriously consider the best and most cost effective solutions for your clients pension and QROPS options, has never been more important. It’s time to think SMART!